Full Refurbishment

With the skills and experience of our team we are able to undertake any kind of refurbishment having previously dealt with the renovation of a five bedroom, three storey town house, a two bedroom semi (completed in six weeks,) all the way up to major renovations undertaken for a private client in a £4 million house in central London. The experience of our team guarantees that we work as close to the timescale as possible, as we are able to avoid many of the pitfalls that other less experienced builders would fall into. We also appreciate that it is your project and so we take our lead from our customer. You may require weekly updates, daily or even hourly and we are happy to provide this service as we believe communication between all involved is the only way to successfully complete a renovation project which is as hassle free to our customer as possible.

We can help design new layouts that best utilise the space given and advise generally or specifically on the whole renovation whether you are trying to achieve that perfect home or that perfect investment. Please see our Services Offered page for full details on the services we provide.

For a free no obligation quote or discuss any part of your project in further detail please contact us.