Summer/Log House

If you need more rooms, but just don’t have the space or right requirements for an extension, then maybe a summer/log house would be right for you. Although it is a log house, once inside you wouldn’t believe it as the walls are plastered, painted, electrics installed and even plumbing if required to enable it to be an actual extension of your home but set in a separate part of your garden. Another benefit of this is that in most cases planning permission is not required as it comes within the ‘permitted development’ requirements of the planning laws. We have turned these log houses into gyms, playrooms, storage rooms, dens and offices for customers all of whom are astounded at the speed, cost and end result of their new additional living area. Depending on your requirements, a log house could take just weeks to erect and our team are happy to advise you on positioning and design of your log house to suit your specific requirements.

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